About Us

Adney Tree Service was established in 2015 by Kyle Adney and serves Santa Cruz, Monterey and Santa Clara county.

Kyle is very passionate about tree work and arboriculture. He strives to educate his customers on what their trees need and why. He not only likes to help customers become aware of what their trees need but also enjoys climbing and performing the work personally along side his crew.

The trees on your property can have far-reaching benefits and drawbacks that can have very real effects on your property value and quality of life.

Some things to consider are: How much weight of a tree is over a structure, what time of year to prune your specific type of tree, whether your tree might be susceptible to breaking or splitting or simply preparing for winter storms. Kyle Adney and his crew are professionals and do top-quality work. Please call for a free estimate or for emergency 24/7 service.

Call for a free quote: 831-247-4713


Aesthetic pruning
Weight reduction

Fruit tree management
Storm damage

Risk assessment
Fire breaks
Land clearing
And more...

Serving - Santa Cruz,
Live Oak, Soquel, Capitola,

Aptos, Watsonville,
and all surrounding counties.

P.O. Box 432
Soquel, CA. 95073